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Okay so I have decided to start a new small series called “Inspiration Lunch Box” where I collect a lot of things I find inspiring, and share it with you guys. So here you go – a lot of new bookmarks to your browser!

#1: Grayden Poper
The beautiful portfolio website for interactive designer Grayden Poper. Fantastic work!

#2: Kinetic
This lovely hand drawn website belongs to a creative agency from Singapore.

#3: Projections in the Forest
An interesting example of projections mapping by photographer Tarek Mawad and animator Friedrich van Schoor. The film imagines what various plants and insects might look like if they possessed the ability to emit bioluminescent light.

#4: Illustrator Olly Moss
The beautiful portfolio of UK based illustrator Olly Moss. An inspiring masonry website!

#5: Oh Yeah Studio
Another portfolio for creative agency Oh Yeah Studio. A portfolio with very nice illustrations and designs.

A crisp black and white video on Vimeo. Graded very deliciously

#7: Kokokaka
Yes, another inspiring portfolio website! This time for Sweedish creative agency Kokokaka!

#8: Simigo
Simigo is a little indie game studio based in Sweeden and created by Simon Flesser and Magnus Gordon. They have created fantastic iPad art games, and their minimalistic website is very inspiring as well.

#9: Sneaky Mag Online Jan’15
A beautiful fashion shoot for the Sneaky Magazine. Bright and strong colors.

#10: True Detective Opening Scene
You probably know this one already especially if you watch True Detective. Anyway it is worth watching again!

So that was the first episode of “Inspiration Lunch Box”. Hope you got inspired. Make sure to follow up on my blog for more articles and the next episode of “Inspiration Lunch Box”.

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Bertil is a young freelance artist based in Denmark. He works in various different formats, and have experience with many different cases – mainly Wordpress web design and filmmaking.

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